The cold season is over and spring is here, creating more ideal temperatures to get out and hunt for scrap metal. There is more construction activity, cleaning and decluttering during the warmer months. There is an increased chance of finding scrap metal during spring if you know where to look. Your community can be a convenient place to find scrap metal this spring. Take a look at these seven places that you may have overlooked.

Garage Sales
Many people do spring cleaning this time of year, and one way to get rid of old or unwanted belongings is to sell it dirt cheap at a garage sale. You never know what you could find at a garage sale, so be on the lookout for neighborhood garage sales. Electronics, bicycles and tools are some items that you may find at a garage sale.

Community Clean-Ups
What better time to clean up your neighborhood than during the spring? There are many things lying on the side of the road, and you may very well find items that contain metals during your clean-up, such as wrecked car parts rims containing aluminum. Check the message boards or your city or town’s website community clean-up activities that you could participate in and do some scrapping at the same time.

Bulk Garbage Day
Bulk material pickup day is a service offered by many waste management companies, and it provides an opportunity to find both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It’s common to find bulk material like grills, AC Units, washers and fridges, out on the curb the night prior to pickup. These items are public property and free for anyone to grab.

College Campuses
College students often dump or leave behind a number of items when moving out of their dorms or apartment. They tend to leave behind items like broken lamps, televisions, mini fridges, microwaves and shelving units.

Spring Festivals/Events
Spring community events, such as fairs occur all across the country each year, providing the opportunity to acquire scrap metal. Pop is a common drink sold at spring events, and if aluminum cans are items that you are after, you can collect plenty at an event. Place bags in various locations to collect a bulk of aluminum cans.

Recreation Center
You may be interested in old equipment to scrap, and a recreation center may have some old or broken ones stored away. Consider contacting local recreation centers and inquire about old sports equipment such as aluminum bats, exercise and playground equipment, toys and park equipment that they no longer use and would like to discard.

You might be surprised by how much and the type of items that you could find at these places. After acquiring your loot, seek out reputable scrap metal services to get the most for your scrap metal. Contact Galaxy Metal Recycling for all your scrap metal needs!


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