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Recycling Steel

Steel is one the most widely used metals in the world. It makes up everything, from tallest skyscrapers to everyday kitchen utensils. With over 1,868,000,000 tonnes of steel produced in 2019, the Industrial Age has fueled technological advancement and innovation.

Steel is an iron alloy. It contains a mixture of metals and other non-metals like iron, carbon, and tin. Like most metals, including aluminum, copper, and brass, steel can be continuously recycled without any damage or degradation to its properties–no matter the product or form it takes.

Steel production by-products also have a high recycling rate, with 90 percent of the co-products used in steel production–including slag, water, gas, and dust–also being reused or recycled.

This is a great news story in terms of steel’s environmental impact as well as its preservation of the earth’s natural resources. The financial benefits of steel recycling for consumers are also significant, as well as the savings for producers.

Recycling Steel

Here are some important facts about steel recycling

Steel is easy to recycle due to its inherent magnetism. This is why it is both the most recycled material in the world and the most sustainable material for the 21st Century.

To make new steel, all scrap is used up.

  • Steel is a durable material that can be infinitely repurposed and is 100% recyclable, without sacrificing quality.
  • If you use the right processing and metallurgy, steel scrap with lower values can be converted into high-value materials.
  • Basic oxygen furnaces can be charged up to 30% of steel scrap.
  • 100% of the steel scrap can be used to charge an electric furnace.
  • New steel products average 37% recycled steel.
  • Steel products today will be tomorrow’s cans and trains, bridges and buildings.

All available scrap steel can be recycled but there isn’t enough steel to make new products.

Many steel products, such as packaging, vehicles, and other products, have a short-to-medium service life. However, large-scale products, like buildings, bridges, are built to last decades or even centuries. All of these products can be recycled to meet the ever-growing demand for steel.

Here are some important facts about steel recycling

Steel Recycling Yard in Melbourne

Galaxy Metal is committed to eliminating all forms of waste. This includes steel, where proper recycling can bring you economic and sustainable benefits.

Many organizations find it difficult to organize their steel waste and develop a collection plan. We can help. We help small and large businesses find the best recycling solutions to their waste streams. This will ensure that as little material as possible is disposed of in landfills.

Galaxy Metal‘s metal recycling specialists We can help you create a cost-effective solution to your steel recycling needs. This will allow you to get the most out of your scrap steel and keep it out of landfills. Metal markets are volatile, and resale values fluctuate like the stock market. Galaxy Metal Recycling monitors market prices to ensure you get the best price for your scrap metals.

Galaxy Metal We are specialists in creating steel recycling solutions and plans to incorporate other metals like aluminum, copper and iron.

Galaxy Metal It is located in Greenvale, Melbourne (Victoria). We offer scrap car removals, old car wreckage removal, recycling of old cars, and scrap metal recycling.

Steel Recycling Yard in Melbourne

Scrap Steel Prices Melbourne

We have a deep understanding of the global markets and can guarantee that your material is recycled in a responsible manner. This allows us to offer you the best market price for scrap brass. Contact us now.



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