There are many different items that are thrown out each day that contain scrap material that can be recycled. Recycling scrap metal is not only a way to make a little extra money, but it is also a way to prevent hazardous material present in scrap from causing physical harm, death, injury, or environmental damage. Below you’ll find five of the most common scrap metals and where to find them.

1. Iron
Iron is a metal that can be found in ferrous material that is very popular around the globe. This metal is included in many different products for use in our surroundings, home, industrial sites and workspace, among other areas. Commonly found in items like pipes, furniture and fixtures. Iron is useful for scrap metal and melted down and reused to create new products.

2. Steel
Steel is a popular metal found in large appliances cars, chairs, cabinets and shelves. It is also often used for tubes, heavy machinery, pipes, automotive, and construction purposes. Steel is easy to recycle thanks to its magnetic properties, which makes impurities simpler to separate. Industrial and construction sites, restaurants, bakeries, aerospace, machine shops and the home are places where you can find steel scrap.

3. Aluminum
Aluminum beverage cans are perhaps the most common products that contain aluminum and are popular in scrapping and recycling. This non-ferrous metal is versatile and pliable metal and is found in a number of items, including car parts, doors, window pieces and gutters. Some of the typical places that you can find scrap aluminum, includes kitchens, pools and backyards.

4. Brass
Brass can be classified as an alloy that consists of copper and zinc and is essentially a heavy metal. It is commonly used for decorative purposes, making light and bathroom fixtures, door handles and keys, as well as some plumbing parts. It is one of the higher paying scrap materials and can be found at local ranges, at dumpster sites, as well as auto shops, pawn shops and repair shops.

5. Copper
Copper is an important non-ferrous metal and is sought out and valuable as well. As a scrap metal, copper commands decent prices, which can help to gain some extra cash if you recycle it. Cooper can be found in pipes, electric wires and electrical components. You can find copper at demolition site or remodeling sites, household plumbing, decor, roofing, household appliances and old electronics.

Local companies providing scrap metal services are good places to take your scrap metal. These common scrap metals can be recycled and earn you some quick cash. If you have scrap metal you are looking to get rid of, contact Galaxy Metals today!


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