While the summer is the perfect time to relax and enjoy the weather, it is also the perfect time to start clearing out unwanted or unused items from your home. This is a perfect time to gather together old scrap metal appliances you no longer need. With the summer being the busy season for scrapping metal, it is a smart idea to get a head start on gathering scrap metal. Below are four different items most commonly scrapped in the summer.

A/C Units
​The summer months and summer heat usually cause homeowners to bring out their air conditioning units from storage. This is usually a time where you will figure out if your unit still works or not. If you find that your unit no longer works then it is a good item to give to a scrap metal yard.

Poolside Equipment
For homeowners that own pools they know that the pool will be used heavily in the summer. With this comes maintenance with various pool equipment and over time these items will show wear and tear over time. When opening your pool, it is a good time to notice if there are any parts of the pool that need to be repair or replaced. Sometimes the pool motor may be shot, the heater can break (if you have one), or the aluminum poles to clean the pool could break. These are all great scrap items you should take to your local scrap yard.

One of the biggest excitements of the summer season is the amount of cookouts and celebrations that call for the use of a grill. Grills are great for cooking your favorite summer time meals but also are a good money grabbers if scrapped. When homeowners prepare their home for the summer they will determine if they need a new grill or not. If you notice old broken grills in your neighborhood, you should consider picking them up to scrap as you can get a good price for them. Grills that are made of aluminum or stainless steel can get a good deal of money for and if they have a propane tank, then the scrap yard could take these as well.

Lawn furniture
While in storage, lawn furniture could be damaged during a long winter storage as well as if it is heavily used in the spring and summer. In addition, with the sales of new furniture, some homeowners will prefer to purchase new furniture than clean off and repair old broken ones. If you find yourself with broken lawn furniture or are looking to purchase new furniture, contact a scrap yard to see what they will take. As many lawn furniture are made of material that will be accepted to scrap at yards.


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