​Spring cleaning is a great way to declutter and get rid of accumulated junk from your home and your life. It’s a great way to de-stress, purge, and organize your space. You can find items you though you had lost during spring cleaning, and you can also find garbage. Is everything deemed garbage necessarily junk? Maybe there is a little bit of money to be made from perceived junk you have found during your spring cleaning. You could earn a bit of cash with these three scrap metal finds.


Old electronics are things that many folks hold on to, even after they have been replaced by a new model. These old electronics, such as laptops, computers, TVs, cell phones, DVD or VCR players, and cameras may have electric motors inside that you can scrap. While there are thin copper wires in these electronics, for example, copper wires are attached at the base of a TV monitor, VCRs, CD Players and DVD players, and old stereo components, like amplifiers and receivers, contain printed circuit boards with gold. You could be lucky and find a scrap dealer that takes not just circuit boards, or individual component, but whole computers and servers as well.


Air conditioners are common scrap metal items and you can take it apart for the scrap metal inside. Copper, steel, and aluminum are all materials found inside, and a whole window air conditioning unit can earn you between $4-6. If you found a couple units during your spring
cleaning, you could make a few extra dollars scrapping them for their copper, which is popular to recycle as scrap metal.


In your garage, you could have valuable scrap metal just laying around and collecting dust when you could earn some money from it. If you work on your own car, chances are you have an old engine or aluminum rims ready to be thrown out. Before you do, consider scrapping them. Both
can be salvaged for their aluminum; the engine has aluminum with steel running throughout it and aluminum rims can fetch a decent price. Prices vary depending on the quality of the rim and where you live, but aluminum rims can go for 50 cents per pound or a little higher.

Taking your scrap metal to professionals is a better option than throwing them away because you could be throwing money away, and it also significantly benefit the environment by being disposed of properly. If you are interested in our scrap metal services, contact us today!

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