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Galaxy Metal Recycling is one of the top scrap metal brokers in Melbourne.

Based in Melbourne, we broker scrap metal for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing companies across the area. With our decades of experience, we provide the most value to our scrap metal customers, ensuring efficient service and top prices.

Our scrap metal brokerage service handles everything from start to finish. We handle all logistics, from pick-up and loading from your facility to preparing, packaging, and shipping to a third-party buyer.

Most scrap cannot be sold directly to foundries or mills—that’s where Galaxy Metal Recycling comes in. We have the facilities and capabilities to prepare scrap metal for recycling and delivery to third parties. Plus, we have long-standing relationships with foundries and mills and receive top dollar for scrap metal, which means our customers receive top dollar, too. Plus, better payment terms!

Prices of scrap metal vary across the country, but the Melbourne market is one of the highest-paying markets in the country for scrap metal. As scrap metal brokers, we make it easy for you to capitalize on those high prices to reinvest in your company or to take home the extra money. 

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Why Choose Us?

Credibility is the key to our success; therefore, all our decisions and actions are ultimately driven by integrity. By choosing Galaxy Metal Recycling, customers are guaranteed fair pricing and an abiding commitment to honest, courteous service.

As a full-service, scrap metal recycling company headquartered in Melbourne, Galaxy Recycling is a mill-direct supplier of both ferrous and nonferrous scrap metal. The company is owned and operated by the most prominent and trusted name in the Melbourne scrap metal recycling business.

Environment and Safety

Conserving and reusing raw materials is central to Galaxy Metals’ mission and business model. By keeping these useful raw materials in circulation, Galaxy Metals does its part to keep them out of landfills and prolongs the life of each sliver of scrap that comes through the doors. Our planet’s resources are finite, but through recycling, these necessary materials can be utilized in myriad ways. The business of collecting, sorting, and processing scrap metal is one that necessitates the use of dangerous, powerful, heavy machinery. All employees are aware and constantly reminded of this fact and take every precaution to minimize and, ideally, eliminate all work-related accidents. Galaxy Metals complies fully with workplace safety standards.

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What People Have To Say

"Super fast response to my emails and friendly service. Would do business again in a heartbeat!"

We have a big facility and have been dealing with Galaxy for over 10 years. There has never been an issue with payments or services. We have developed a wonderful relationship.



I sent galaxy metals a picture of my copper gutters and they responded back to me very quickly with a price and even an estimated weight. I brought them in the next day as their price was very competitive. Super happy with the service and definitely recommend for anyone




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